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When it comes to boosting the brand image and broadening the market reach, product diversification always comes to the rescue. Taking this aspect into consideration, Judon Integrated Global Enterprises stepped up as a trader and supplier of a diverse range of products. From Bike Parts to Cotton Bed Sheet, Cast Iron Pulley to Dutch Oven, Floor Mop to Medical Equipment and many other products, we deal in almost everything finding usage in various sectors including industrial, commercial and residential sectors. By continuously diversifying our product range, we not only help our vendors boost their brand image, but widen our target audience. In addition to aforesaid products, we deal in Human Hair, Pendant Jewelry, Fabric Textile Material and Wooden Plywood, too. Hence, we have set up a widespread network of clients across the domestic market. Needless to say, product diversification is one of the major assets we have.

Vendor Base

For every trading and supplying business, having a trusted vendor base is of prime importance. Experiencing the same, we lay strong emphasis on making alliances with the right vendors, thereby sourcing the best-in-class range of products including Human Hair, Cotton Bed Sheet, etc. Since we have our vendors from different industrial sectors, we focus on the market scenarios of all our vendors to understand the way they run their business. In addition, we focus on following more parameters prior to selection our vendors:

  • Market stability
  • Product quality
  • Improvement capability
  • Order-fulfillment ability, etc.

By carrying out such a strict vendor selection process, we, today, have the best vendor by our side supporting us to stand tall by delivering only the best products to our clients.

What Sets Us Apart..

We may seem like other companies operating in the industry, but it is our work culture that sets us apart from our competitors. To ensure that our employees reach their maximum potential, we conduct training sessions for them; create a healthy and positive work environment for them to work in; and also follow employee safety policy at our workplace. Besides, we follow a systematic work approach at work and maintain transparency in our business deals of rendering Medical Equipment, Human Hair and other products.

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